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Are you planning on traveling soon? Sending individual emails to each one of your family and friends can be time consuming, repetitive and boring. One of your options is joining a travel community and blog for free at

The site, “a collection of travel journals, diaries and photos from around the world”, is set up to make it easy for travelers to blog about their experiences abroad. Here are the key features of starting a blog as stated by the website:

  • Unlimited Blog – add as many entries as you want.
  • Unlimited Photos – don’t worry about space, just add the photos you want to show in your journals and upload multiple photos fast.
  • Unlimited Videos – add as many videos to your blog as you’d like.
  • Participate in the travel forum – get advice and help from other travelers.
  • Route Mapping – show the route of your travels.
  • Visited Countries Map – a world map highlighting where you’ve written about.
  • Write in Your Language – Supports European languages in the blog entries. Write in German, French, Spanish and others as you choose! (Basically if your language uses the Latin Character set – you can write in it!)

The site also offers forums where young travelers can gather advice from savvy globe trotters. Best of all, stellar blog entries may be chosen for the “Best of” book. All entries for the book are voted on by the readers.

Everyone at BrilliantTrips agrees that this is a great option for connecting to family and friends at home, new friends you’ve made along the way and other travelers around the globe.