Happy Thanksgiving

I have always loved Thanksgiving and I’m happy to see that, despite the poor economy, people are traveling as much as ever this year. As Suzanne Cook, Senior Vice President of Research for the Travel Industry Association, says, “Holiday travel’s stability and relative strength compared with other sectors of the economy is an indication of how much people value the experience of sharing time with loved ones.” Over the years I have had some pretty eclectic Thanksgiving travel experiences with my Dad. Here are three of them:

One year, just for the heck of it, my Dad and I traveled to Rapid City, South Dakota. After a late night at the hotel bar on karaoke Wednesday in Rapid City, we drove to see Mount Rushmore. The drive was beautiful.  On our return we stopped in Deadwood for the “special” Thanksgiving turkey buffet and a few rounds of poker at one of the casinos. Another year, we spent Thanksgiving day in Beijing, China hiring a driver and a guide to take us to The Great Wall. Upon our arrival at The Great Wall, we chose to take the ‘challenging’ route which was indeed very challenging. Then there was the year we traveled to Dallas to see the Cowboys destroy the Dolphins in a game where Dan Marino threw so many interceptions I lost count.