Things To Do If You 'Called In Gay' Today

BrilliantTrips_altMuch has been made about today being “A Day Without a Gay”. To participate, people, gay and straight alike, appear to be ‘calling in gay’ (calling in sick) and staying home from work. A quick query (no pun intended) on summize showed about 10 new results every minute on the topic. So I figured that I would participate by offering a few suggestions of things to do if you happen to be participating in today events.

If you ‘called in gay’ and live in Sydney, Oxford Street is a good possie (an Australianism for a spot or place). Head over to the pub for a heart starter (another Australianism for the first drink of the day) and then have lunch at a great Indian food restaurant. If you live in Los Angeles, take a walk around Beverly Hills and finish up with a world famous martini at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Do you happen to be in Montreal? Then head over to ‘Le Village’, the epicenter of Montreal’s gay scene. Countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and cafes dot the area with characteristic flair. The local metro stop is even adorned in rainbow pizazz.