Volunteer on Your Next Vacation

peru_people_kidsInstead of simply taking something away when you travel, why not give something back? There’s no better cultural immersion than to work side by side with locals. The bonus is that you may find you take more away from your travel experience than ever before. One of our favorite volunteer trips is Project Peru. This trip allows you to experience real life in the Peruvian Andes by participating on this specially designed, independent volunteer tour. Work alongside a local host family to permanently improve their health and standard of living. No experience is necessary.

You’ll take an early morning flight to the colonial city of Cajamarca, famous for its clay pottery and colourful history followed by a journey through the altiplano (plateau region) to the Cadmalca community. peru_colcaDuring your stay, you will make a permanent improvement in the health, comfort and standard of living of people in Peru while experiencing the daily life, culture and lifestyle of people in this rural community. Hike to the home of your local host family and help build a Peruvian cooking stove with plenty of time to relax and explore. Benefits of the stove include the removal of smoke from the kitchen, a 50% decrease of wood usage and the reduction of eye and lung infections especially among women and children. No building experience is required. After completing the stove and teaching the family how to use it, you will return to Cajamarca to take a well-deserved break, swim in some hot thermal mineral wates or visit the local museums.

For more information on how you can make a difference on this and many other volunteer trips please visit BrilliantTrips.com or GAP Adventures.