Driving Through the Japanese Countryside

If you wish to have a true cultural experience, nothing beats getting off the beaten path. Driving your own car is a great way to go. There are rental car companies in Japan which specialize in servicing tourists. If driving on the left side of the road with right hand drive cars intimidates you, don’t[…]

Spring Break in Japan for a Student Abroad

You won’t go wrong with any of these choices. Below is a bit of information from a good friend who has led student groups in Japan.  See how the information we’ve included below fits in with your interests and the timing of your break, then make your decision. Okinawa is in the subtropical climate zone[…]

Explore Lord of the Rings

If you have an interest in The Lord of the Rings and you want a unique experience in Wellington, New Zealand, then this is the tour for you. This great day tour from Wellington Rover visits locations in and around greater Wellington that were used during the filming of The Lord of the Rings movies.[…]

Unusual Accommodation

Interested in the idea of staying somewhere unusual, somewhere totally unconventional and unique, somewhere that doesn’t fit the traditional ‘hotel’ mold? If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in an igloo as the Eskimos did, to luxuriate like a prince or princess in an Indian Palace, to loll around amongst the[…]