New Music – A Love Letter to Japan

from thebirdandthebee flickr stream

Image from flickr thebirdandthebee

“From the west to the east, I have flown to be near you. I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you. And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet.” These are the opening lyrics from the track “Love Letter to Japan” off the new album from The Bird and the Bee entitled “Ray Guns Are Not The Future.” I first heard of The Bird and the Bee a few years ago and they have been a favorite of mine ever since. According to their MySpace page, their sound is like “A futuristic 1960’s American film set in Brazil…” They remind me a lot of some other old favorites of mine like Hooverphonic and Mono.

The song continues… “I packed my bag, I’m on my way. I am prepared for any season. I am prepared to stay. Here is my heart, my beating heart. Oh, how I’m longing for this love affair to start.” …just brilliant. My favorite part is the reference to the candy in Japan which has a cult following all of its own. “My beloved, oh my sweet. All the gifts you have given me. The patience and the peace, cherry blossoms and the candy, I am yours, I am yours. For as long, for as long as you will have me.” Have a listen here

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If you like what you hear, then you may want to check out another new favorite of mine from Western Australia, Jordi James. I learned of Jordi James while listening to Passport Approved; a show hosted by British born DJ, Sat Bisla, Saturday mornings on @indie1031. James may be just a young bloke, I think he’s only 14, but a single listen to his new song Rocket Ship will have you humming it all day long.