Nomadic Matt

mattYou may know him from Nomadic Matt’s travel site or you may know him as @nomadicmatt from Twitter or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have met Nomadic Matt on the road. Personally, I have become hooked on his website, Nomadic Matt’s travel site. It is well organized and well written. Matt has done a great job conveying his personal travel experiences as well as sifting through all the travel information that is out there and recommending the best blogs, sites, tour companies, etc. Maybe it is because we are both from Massachusetts’ north shore or simply because we share the same wanderlust, but there is something about this site that I really feel I can identify with.

Matt’s blog and his other publications are fantastic. His writings are ones to which I always feel I can relate or from which I can get good tips and advice. For example, he has a great link under the “About Matt” tab to “publications” he has written and, more specifically, to an entry he wrote on How to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume. This is something I’ve always had to deal with as, I too, have been known to be the nomadic type. As Matt so brilliantly points out in his blog entry entitled Travel First Starts at Home, one does not have to be overseas to enjoy the novelties of the travel experience. There may be times you long to travel overseas, but if restrictions apply, follow Matt’s advice. I agree with the advice he gives and have long been a fan of taking photos in my colorful and historic hometown, finding nearby hiking trails, taking my kayak on the road to new waters, etc. Like Matt mentions, it is even fun to look at a local guidebook for your area to see what sites the tourists are being led to.

Don’t stop at just the written word when you check out Nomadic Matt’s travel site. He has a great section of travel photos and travel videos from around the world. Be warned; you may be inspired to simply leave your belongings and your little section of the world behind. If you do decide to do this, visit the “Ask Matt” section of Nomadic Matt’s travel site. You’ll see answers to others’ questions as well as have the opportunity to ask specific questions for your travel needs. I found that his answers to questions regarding places I’ve visited were spot on. As a result, I certainly would not hesitate to ask his advice and refer to his new site How To Travel the World the next time I find myself off on a new adventure!