Located in Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is the region containing the southernmost portion of South America. Since it was discovered, in 1520 by Ferdinand Magellan, the single mention of its name wakes up the fascination of the distant and unknown.

We recommend beginning your trip in the pleasant little town of El Calafate on the shores of Lago Argentino. From here take a full day excursion into Glacier National Park, declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visitors can hike to the main vista point for a panoramic view of this glacial colossus and the continental ice shelf. The spectacular drive west toward the lofty peaks reveals the dynamic Moreno Glacier where you can often spot condors, rheas, eagles or flamingos along the way. The real highlight is the stunning Moreno Glacier, at the southern terminus of Glacier National Park. Sliding down from atop the southern continental ice field, Moreno’s 60 meter wall of ice sporadically chokes off the narrow Canal de los Tempanos, creating a natural ice dam. A one hour boat ride allows for close up views of the approaching front wall of the glacier.

El Chaltén, a village at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy, takes its name from the original Indian name for the peak. Be sure to stock up with food in El Chalten as it can be pretty scarce as you travel along the Argentino & Viedma Lakes. The stunning towers of mounts Torre and Fitz Roy and the scenery around El Chalten is spectacular and the best way to enjoy it is by hiking through it. For visitors looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the area there are also a variety of boat trips that can be taken. We suggest taking the full day trek to Rio Blanco Base Camp and Laguna de los Tres for a complete view of the absolutely stunning Fitz Roy. The majority of the hike is of moderate difficulty, however the last 45 minutes to the viewing point is difficult but the view is worth it and is one of the highlights of the entire Patagonian experience. Lastly, before you head back to El Calafate, hike through the Cerro Torre Valley to Torre Lake and Glacier for a close view. The spires that make up Cerro Torre and its neighbors are truly breathtaking.

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