Travel Tweets – A Night Out in Paris

parisdinnerNow, well into his TwiTrip to Paris based entirely on live tweeted tips and suggestions, it’s time to eat dinner and @benjilanyado tweets, “ok, next leg of the #TwiTrip: dinner. Pref in between Belleville and Place de Clichy (Montmartre). Hint: steak, red wine, not too expensive .”

We recommended Un Zebre a Montmartre, 38 rue Lepic, which is a funky little spot in the active Abbesses neighborhood. It’s known as being a friendly place, with good food at an attractive price. Thanks to @ben_coop, he ended up at L’Entrepots which he tweeted was “rammed with locals” and had a “single chalkboard menu.” We’ll have to remember this spot as his dinner looked delicious.

barNow, before calling it a night, “the final #TwiTrip request of the evening: bars close to the Place de Clichy.” After hopping in a cab, tweeting that his “cabbie’s taste in bluegrass radio stations is as good as his mullet. Which is very, very good.” (see it here), he was off to a bar called Loco. After arriving, only to find it was closed, he went with our suggestion and headed over to Lush Bar, 16 Rue des Dames, which is a mellow bar located close to his hotel. While there, he notes that it is “full of rowdy local brigands and the odd expat.Yet at the bar, a chess game.” See it here. Then it was off to bed at the Hotel Eldorado, as recommended by @soultravelers3.

Our recommendation for breakfast in the morning: Les Deux Magots. It’s a very famous “literary” cafe at 6 place Saint Germain des PrĂ©s. While touristy, it’s still a very special spot.

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