Travel Tweets – Looking for Somewhere Good to Eat Near the Gare du Nord in Paris

via The Guardian

via The Guardian

“See you in Paris…where I am at your mercy!” These were the final words this morning from Benji Lanyado when his train departed St. Pancras and his TwiTrip began. Upon his arrival at Gare du Nord, he tweeted right away. “Let’s begin. Looking for somewhere good to eat *near the Gare du Nord*. Any ideas? Need real address (not link). Thanks! #TwiTrip.”

We tweeted about how Jemmapes, 82 Quai de Jemmapes, was a tiny trendy Canal Saint-Martin favourite that is great for a quick bite. It’s located along the banks of the canal and known for playing great indie tunes. It wasn’t long before we heard back from @benjilanyado that it was very close and he was heading there, stating, “@BrilliantTips v close. Heading there now…cheers! #TwiTrip.

Very Cool…until we received a tweet that Jemmapes was closed! …ยกAy, Caramba! We had noted that it was closed on Tuesday afternoons, but that was it. Sorry, mate. It’s a cool indie spot when it’s open. After “A few tweething problems with the #TwiTrip“, as another suggestion was closed as well, @benjilanyado ended up at Artisans thanks to @danielbower.

Next up: “@benjilanyado heads up for next leg of the #TwiTrip. I’m looking for a gallery in the east, around Belleville metro. Any ideas?”

It wasn’t long before he decided on Ateliers d’Artistes, 32 rue de la Mare, thanks to @pippa_r and @ben_coop. Upon his arrival, he took a picture of Phillipe.

@benjilanyado had also tweeted, “And i’ll need a coffee when i get there. Any bar/cafe suggestions around Belleville? #TwiTrip”.

We recommended Aux Folies, 8 rue de Belleville, which is great for people watching and inexpensive drinks. We’re not sure if he stopped in, but we know he walked by as he took a picture of the supermarket next door which “was once a cabaret club where Piaf and Chevalier often played.” @benjilanyado eventually made it to Cafe Cherie, thanks to tips from @EmmajaneR and @mattrosbif.

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