Twit Trip to Paris

Benji Lanyado is going to Paris and he hasn’t planned much in advance. Why? Because he’s taking a Twit Trip. He plans to take his entire trip based on live tweeted tips and suggestions. Leaving it all up to the Twitterati, he states, “I’m going to leave it to the tweetosphere.”

Early this morning (early here anyway), he started his journey at St. Pancras.


Throughout Benji’s Twip Trip, Brilliant Tips from will be tweeting and blogging live, offering ideas and tips of our own as well as suggestions that we’ve collected from our entire social network. Stay tuned…

According to his Guardian profile, “Benji Lanyado has been a travel writer for the Guardian since his final year at Manchester University in 2005, and specialises in budget travel and all things blog-shaped.”

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