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Interested in the idea of staying somewhere unusual, somewhere totally unconventional and unique, somewhere that doesn’t fit the traditional ‘hotel’ mold? If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in an igloo as the Eskimos did, to luxuriate like a prince or princess in an Indian Palace, to loll around amongst the tree-tops of Vancouver Island in golden orbs, or to dwell underground in the center of Australia, we have just the place for you. Should you want your overnight lodging to be more than just a bed and a place to lay your head, read on and you’ll discover some amazingly special and truly unique accommodation options around the globe.

tlacsTree-dwelling Sphere – This is a very quirky Sphere Accommodation set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. Experience a tree house for adults. Built on vision and engineering, these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world while providing a habitat for the untamed spirit that exists in us all.

tlafiFinnish Igloo Village – In winter, from December until April, in the north of Finland is the wonderland that is the Igloo Village of Kakslauttanen. Imagine yourself sleeping in an igloo made of snow, enveloped in complete silence. Alternatively, for a truly surreal experience, imagine yourself bunking down in one of our glass igloos that allows for 24-hour viewing of the amazing Northern Lights, a wild snow storm or simply the million stars that pierce the ink sky in this remote wilderness.

tlaipIndian Palace – Nestled in the hills north-west of Jaipur, in the famous Indian state of Rajasthan, this eighteenth century Palace accommodation is a perfect example of Rajput-Moghul architecture. One of India’s most charming hotels, it offers a quiet, elegant and luxurious atmosphere… as one should expect of a palace! Befitting too is the array of activities on offer including puppet and cultural shows, visits to nearby villages and picnic lunches in the nearby mango orchard.

tlaugUnderground Accommodation Experience – This Underground Motel was the first of its kind to be built in the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy back in 1984, with all rooms dug into a sandstone hill. With an outstanding, elevated location and wide shady verandas the hotel has fantastic views over the desert landscape with the Stuart Ranges and the Breakaways in the distance. This accommodation provides a welcome and unique resting place from which to explore the area.

tlacdChilean Stargazing Domes – This unique ‘dome’ accommodation in the beautiful Elqui Valley of Central Chile is a must for star-gazers and those interested in getting away from it all in a beautiful setting with a magical atmosphere. Clear skies, a near perfect climate and magnetic energy has drawn astronomy buffs, astrologers and new age folk since the 1960’s. Come for a couple of days and you’ll never want to leave.

tlajcTokyo Capsule Hotel – The Capsule Hotel is a unique and cozy accommodation that is perfect for visitors wanting to experience Tokyo as the locals do and to make the most of their time in this energized city. Your capsule, a self-contained and modular design, quickly becomes your home-away-from-home providing a comfortable sleeping place with none of the wasted space of a large expensive room. Perfectly located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku region, the hotel and our local orientation is the budget alternative to a more conventional hotel.

If you want your accommodation to be the talking point for months and years after your trip has finished, click here to book one of these or another quirky type of accommodation.

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  • These are great. I was asked the other day how I choose a hotel. I had to think about it. And rather than list the amenities I look for I put it in these terms. While many people consider a hotel just a place to lay their head at night, I prefer a hotel that is an experience. Something that is small usually means more personal service and quirky definitely gives you something to talk about. These definitely fall into the quirky category. thanks.

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