Volunteer in India This Summer

indiaThis summer, Intrepid is offering a 14 day volunteer project near Chennai, India that allows participants to experience real Indian village life. Based in Tamil Nadu on the south-east coast of the Indian subcontinent, participants volunteer at a rural project among some of the poorest rural communities in the country. Time on this 14 day project is split between a building project and teaching at a local school. By working alongside local builders, staying in the community and spending time with the kids, participants will become an essential part of the community. Taking part in this unique experience will truly make a difference to an Indian community.

The project begins and ends in Chennai where visitors can get acquainted with the narrow streets and colorful bazaars or maybe stroll through historic George Town, home to the city’s fort and India’s oldest surviving British church. After a group meeting, participants leave the city behind and head along the coastline to the project village. Watch the waters of the Indian Ocean pound against the sand on this scenic journey, then enjoy a warm welcome from locals upon arrival. Settling in to the shared accommodation where facilities are basic, including cold-water showers and little or no electricity, is all part of the adventure.  Living like the locals is the best way to understand village life.

india2Days typically start early and participants will soon settle into a daily routine of rotating teaching and building. It’s not all hard work and there is also plenty of free time to learn the language, play games with the kids, and get to know the villages. Perhaps you will even head off on weekend adventures further afield to discover secluded beaches, rural villages and little known corners of southern India that have barely been explored.

If you’re interested in experiencing Indian village life this summer, start dates are May 9th and July 4th. All meals are included while on the project site and participants stay in a multi-share group house. To book this experience, simply follow the Intrepid 5 step booking process that concludes by downloading your travel documents. Participants who complete this experience will not only make a difference; they will come back different.


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