Wild Junket: A Rollercoaster Ride of Adventures Around the World

blogimageWild Junket: A Rollercoaster Ride of Adventures Around the World. The name itself prompted me to click on the site. I was impressed with Nellie Huang’s juxtaposition of vintage graphics with the current stories and inviting photos featured in the site’s gallery. Nellie features daily posts, links to travel articles she has written, photos, and games. One thing I love about finding a great travel blog is the fact that I’ve found someone who has had interesting experiences on and off the beaten path and who can therefore give personal suggestions on where to go and what to do. The well organized nature of Wild Junket is another plus for the reader as you can search for articles and stories by country or topic. Nellie is most definitely a seasoned traveler and seems to have an especially strong connection to both Singapore and Spain.

That excitement you feel when you go on a rollercoaster (as the subtitle indicates) was awakened in me as I read through the Wild Junket posts and articles. Nellie’s photos and writings from where she has been lures the reader in as you want to know where you’ll find Nellie next. Nellie’s stories provide great travel inspiration. Not only does she include the useful where to go and what to do articles, but she also has some more unique musings. She interprets Aussie Slang for the reader, deciphers Asian fare for her Western readers, and gives anyone considering a trip around the world the inspiration they need. Anyone longing to see the world as Nellie has should take advantage of her contact page since Nellie has both work and volunteer experience abroad and can provide inspiration and real world tales of how to succeed.

To add to the charm of the site, you’ll get a sense of the very personal nature of Wild Junket. This February, Nellie’s boyfriend and partner in travel, Alberto, posted his own blog post on Wild Junket unbeknownst to Nellie. In his one and only post, Alberto proposed to Nellie on the blogosphere. Check out his proposal and find out her reaction! This proposal is sure to make a top ten list on unique ways to ask the big question. Congratulations Alberto and Nellie and happy travels! We look forward to reading about your further adventures together around the world.btretweet