Amarula and the Marula Fruit

amarulaSynonymous with South Africa, Amarula is a liquor made from the fruit of the Marula Tree which is indigenous to sub-equatorial Africa and found in the Bushveld.  The small oval fruit, which ripens from mid-January to mid-March, is harvested by local inhabitants from the veld and dropped off at central pickup points. Payment is made individually for every kilogram that is delivered. The marula is distilled in column stills and copper pot stills and then matured for two years in small oak barrels. After two years of maturation, the marula is blended with fresh cream resulting in a cream product with an alcohol content of 17%.

Elephants and monkeys love the taste of the marula fruit and will go through great lengths to get the fruit. There are tales of the animals getting drunk by eating the fermenting marula fruit lying on the ground. Have a look at this video from YouTube which features some animals getting tipsy on fermenting marula fruit.

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