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bunnyBunny chow was first served in Durban restaurants owned by South African Indians, known as Bunias or Banias, and became a tradition in South African take-away food. Very popular in Durban, bunny chow consists of a hollowed out quarter or half loaf of white bread filled with a curried beef, mutton, chicken or beans. The piece of bread which is removed to make room for the curry is called the “virgin” and it is placed on top of the “bunny” before it is wrapped. Those in the know may simply ask a cab driver to take them to the nearest bunny. When it comes to ordering a bunny, the locals don’t mention the word bunny. Instead, they simply ask for the size and the type of curry. For example, you’ll hear “Can I please have a quarter chicken?”

Bunny chow is always eaten with your fingers starting with the lump of bread, or virgin, on top. You then tear pieces of bread off of the side of the loaf and dip them in the curry gravy. The process of eating a bunny can be very messy and, by the time you finish, you’ll have orange fingers. Bunny chows are available in many small take-aways and Indian restaurants around Durban. They typically cost 20 Rand for a quarter and 30 Rand for a half.

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  • Hi,
    I own a Sasol filling station in Mount Edgecombe Durban. We were voted runners-up in the Coca Cola Bunny Chow Barometer competition in 2008. We have also qualified in the Top 10 outlets for 2009. We have a small eating area that gets busy pretty often. The next time that you have visitors or friends coming to Durban, give us a try.

    Cell: +27 83 777 3697
    Landline: +27 31 537 3997

    You wont be disappointed.

  • thank god, for once coconut grove didnt feature in the top 10 finals, if they didnt take part, its because they know they have truly lousy chow

    Happy to announce that SASOL MT EDGECOMBE were proud WINNERS!!! of the COCA COLA BUNNY CHOW BAROMETER COMPETITION 2009.
    Thanks to all for the support.

  • Hi peepz my name sanjay aka splits i challenge anybdy to a bunny chow competion wer price quantity n quality is da key . Here sumtn to make url jump R15 quarter mutton wid salad .splitz foodhouse umbilo 800 umbilo rd if anybdy has tha guts to challenge us 0844298201

  • If anybdy knws hw to lay da chalenge itz SPLITZ FOODHOUSE . Hav a jumbo chicken burger and chipz @ R18

  • Bunny chow very good. I made it at home yesterday – very spicy with Mauritian masala and spices and ate it accompanied with a tomato chutney (tomato, oignon, chilly, coriander leaves with a pinch of salt – a teaspoon of lemon juice and oil optional).

  • Sadly i have to agree with Rouven; the food at Coconut Grove sucks!!! I do not consume bunnies; but we purchased burgers which were served in plastic packets for goodness sakes; with not so much as a single serviette?? What kind of service is that?

  • Yo…
    2010 Bunny Chow Barometer was awesome… well only the displays, the chow was horrible, in all the stalls…for heaven sake, who eats a seafood bunny?
    And the winners (“Taste of India”)only had pretty girls to serve and not much to say how little meat they give you. The size of the bunny is like three slices of bread stacked (imagine that!). I was dissappointed in this years quality, and as a surprise non of the indian community areas did well (Phoenix or Chatsworth).
    Guys please can someone raise the challenge for next year!
    BTW Sasol Mount Edgecombe sells the worst bunnies, they won because they got someone to cook good food on that day only….
    Come Durban, Can’t you guys provide good Bunnies?

  • I’ve just had a Coconut Grove bunny and I think the people above haven’t tried their food in a while. It was really really good! Just enough meat and gravy and a soft potato too! The food’s always come in plastic packets- that’s part of the charm of buying from the grove and chilling in your car eating or on the bonnet too. Come on guys, give credit where credit is due. 🙂

  • I not sure how the hell A Tast of India won any awards cause we had 3 quarter muttons from there about 2 weeks ago and it was rubbish! And R40!!! You gotta be kidding me. Mother truckers. Bread was very fresh but small, potatoes good, flavour okay. Meat was barely existent and cr@p quality. Bones for Africa! Heat – non existent.

    There is no way this bunny can win an award. It needs to excel in every area, not just fresh bread!

    I won’t go back there unless they make it R15 and even then I’d probably rather pay R10 more and go somewhere else.



    Your comment (although valued by our members), is null and void. Our only concern on this forum are the bunny chows. It’s pointless telling us for example that the chicken roti at some curry place is horrible when the bunnies might be amazing!

    We do however value your support and please do not hesitate to try a bunny and let us know how it was. Also note that we just had quarter muttons at Orientals in The Workshop in Durban during lunchtime and they are flippin fantastic!! Pity about the R35 price though.

    Sincerely yours
    The Wit ou

  • Had a Coconut grove bunny this weekend in jhb.

    It was actually lovely! There was quite a bit of meat, a bit too much for me, and one or two bones. The gravy and the potatoes were tasty and **FRESH** with dhania on it nogal!

    I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a filling meal. But ask for extra salad and extra gravy! Yum! Its a bit pricey @ R40 but relativelycheap by jhb standards!

    Hope this helps! S

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