Beers from Around the World

beeraroundtheworldBeer is, in general, pretty easy to find while traveling around the world. I know, there are countries that prohibit the consumption of alcohol for religious reasons, but alcohol is usually still available in the hotels. While I don’t necessarily travel the world in search of the next great glass of beer, there’s no question that a relationship exists between the drink and the place. One might even suggest that a night out drinking beer is a way of tapping into a side of a country that you may not have seen otherwise.

While these may not be the finest quality beers in the world, here are my 11 favorite beers from around the world that I’ve come across during my travels.

Brahma - Brazil
Brahma – Brazil
Hansa - South Africa
Hansa – South Africa
Hinano - Tahiti
Hinano – Tahiti
Speight's - New Zealand
Speight’s – New Zealand
Belikin - Belize
Belikin – Belize
Singha - Thailand
Singha – Thailand
Bintang - Indonesia
Bintang – Indonesia
Efes - Turkey
Efes – Turkey
VB - Australia
VB – Australia
Guinness - Ireland
Guinness – Ireland
Gallo - Guatemala
Gallo – Guatemala

9 thoughts on “Beers from Around the World

  • I feel like Heineken deserves honorable mention. Not because it’s good or because I like it, but because it got to be the most widely available beer in the world. I don’t know if I’ve ever been anywhere and not been able to get a Heiny, even if I’m usually passing it up for something else.

  • Efes is amazing… and usually all you can find in Turkey.

    Leffe Blonde from Belgium is also mouthwateringly good, but only in the sun, and from draught (not the same in a bottle at home or in a darkened pub!)

    Lastly, I’ve never seen a Guinness glass emblazoned with shamrocks… talk about pandering!

  • Heh, I didn’t even notice the condensation photoshopped into little shamrocks. Guinness is a great beer, but it’s best in Dublin. Having it anywhere else just makes me miss Dublin.

    I was shocked at first, a beer brewed in an Islamic country. Then I found that most Turks I talked to were Muslim the way most French are Catholic. I found myself missing Efes in Greece, I also found myself missing Turks. I know there is some gnarly history there, but by and large, Turks are super-duper friendly. Greeks? Well, maybe they would be more cheery if their country wasn’t constantly over-run with tourists. I’ll have to get back there and try some of the smaller islands and places less traveled to.

  • Great selection – especially on a summers day at work! Got me thinking about my picnic basket. I’d add Sagres ( Portugal) Adnams Broadside ( Suffolk UK) and Kronenbourg Blanc ( Don’t know where it’s brewed but it’s good ). A dash of sunshine, a few friends and family and I can’t wait for the weekend!

  • Prosim. I found myself surprised that there was not a single Czech Pivo on the list. However, I tried to remember some of my favorite kinds and I cannot. Partially, because the state I was in a good portion of the time in the Czech Repbulic. Also it’s because most places in Czech Republic only serve one kind of pivo. If you go in and ask for a pivo, and the only question… perhaps, is how much beer you get. Anyway, as a result, I can’t remember any single one of the delicious and surprisingly strong beers I’ve had by name. Even though several could probably go on a list of my 10 best.

  • Agree with Jake. No Czech beer, but also no Belgian beers. The country probably makes some of the strongest but tastiest beers in Europe – monastery ales and trappist beers.

  • Too bad about the VB mention…it’s the cheap beer in Australia, for a reason! Try Little Creatures, delicious!

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