Gibraltar's Extraordinary Airport

gibraltar2Yesterday, I received a forwarded email from my Dad with the subject line “This puts a whole new meaning to the saying, ‘Never run a red light.'” It was about the intersection in the middle of the airport in Gibraltar and loaded with amazing pictures. After digging into it and looking at the images, I was blown away by more than just the intersection located in the middle of the airport’s main runway. The airport is truly unique. Once checked in, passengers can go to the cafe which has a rooftop terrace that offers stunning views of the “Rock” and its main runway which is only 6,000 feet long. Squeezed by the Mediterranean Sea on its eastern edge and the Bay of Algeciras on its western boarder, the airport’s cropped runway requires pilots to use pinpoint precision. With so little area, the airport runway takes up a major portion of the available land. All vehicles traveling from Gibraltar to Spain must cross the runway. It’s not an uncommon sight to see many vehicles lined up waiting at the intersection due to airport activity.


IMAGES_VIA: Quigibo, jamescridland, v1kram, tony.evans on Flickr

6 thoughts on “Gibraltar's Extraordinary Airport

  • I’ve seen this before and am always shocked by the image. This has got to be a doozy for incoming pilots to navigate.

  • Whoa! I thought that the airport in Montego Bay was bad. I’ve been on that beach when a plane roars right over head… but that… that one takes home the cake.

  • Its a really cool airport Gibraltar. Actually crossed it a few years back when heading to Gibraltar. The tiny English territory is actually well worth the trip if you are in the south region of Spain. Its got a massive rock to go up to where you have a magnificent view of the bay and north Africa. Monkeys, I belive rare ones too, also inhibit the top and are not people shy at all (warning issued to put camera strap on)

    On another note, a very cool airport is the Lukla Airport in Nepal. Built to cater the Everest mountainers and sherpas living in the region it is truely amazing. The runway is to short for an actual airplane to take off from, so instead its built with an 15 degree slope, which ofcourse ends with a cliff of a Himalayan Mountain. Not for the faint hearted!

    /Alexander Dangler

  • Don’t forget to see the famous monkeys—which are actually Barbary apes, the only apes native to Europe–that are up on The Rock. The Rock is huge and has tunnels and a large cave inside; taxi and bus tours can be arranged on the spot in town. During WW II, Winston Churchill said that if the apes ever disappeared from the Rock it would foretell the end of the British Empire (and General Eisenhower launched the Allied attack on North Africa from an office deep inside this Rock).

  • I think I’d feel a bit nervous as a car or person waiting to cross there! They’re really not that far away from the path of the planes. You can see loads of cars waiting in the pictures; it seems like a pretty inconvenient set up.

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