Surfing in Munich?

surfingmunichWhile Germany’s coastline includes the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the best surfing in Germany can actually be found in landlocked Munich, the capital of Bavaria. The surfing is actually river surfing and the Isar River is the place to find it. Munich has two good surf spots known as Eisbach and Floßlände. Both are natural standing river waves. The Eisbach is a small canal that flows through the city’s famous Englischen Garten.  Just beyond the Himmelreich Bridge, the canal surges over a bulge in the stream bed and creates a standing wave about three feet high. Floßlände consists of a pair of canals beside the Isar River located about five miles south of the Eisbach wave.

The sport has seen tremendous growth in Munich with surf shops and shapers popping up to help supply the surfing demand of the city. Eisbach has also become known as a big tourist attraction. It’s not that unusual to see tourists who have stopped to take pictures and video. Some tour buses even include the Himmelreich Bridge on their itineraries.

Overall, river surfing in Munich is impressive and some of the local surfers rip. It is lots of fun and if you’re willing to stand in line, which on the weekends can be up to 50 people long, you can have a go on the Eisbach. Remember to bring your wetsuit, booties and gloves as the running river water is usually pretty cold. Just be sure to, as always, respect the locals.

IMAGE VIA: MorBCN on Flickr

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