National Geographic's International Photo Contest

natgeo-photoWe always love a good photo contest and it is time for National Geographic’s annual International Photo Contest. There is an entry fee this year for each photo you submit. However, if you think yours is really good, you do have a chance of having it published in the magazine. Don’t rule out great photos from your hometown. Your hometown could be someone else’s international travel destination. Here are the rules from NatGeo’s website:

“Send in your photos for a chance to win a digital camera kit and have your image published in the magazine. Winners will be entered into the Worldwide International Photography Contest. You can submit up to six photos in three categories—People, Places, and Nature—between now and October 31, 2009. Winners will be announced in early December. There is an entry fee of U.S. $12 for each photo. Think you have a winning shot? Show us!”