Try Zazen Meditation in Kyoto, Japan

zazenZazen is a unique form of meditation that is so central to Zen Buddhism that Zen Buddhists are generally known as the “meditation Buddhists.” Zazen’s goals are to calm the body, still the mind and open the way to insights into the nature of existence, thereby reaching enlightenment known as “satori.” Samurai warriors loved Zen culture. For a truly unique and memorable experience, you can try zazen at the Taizou-in Temple. The temple also offers visitors a chance to learn more about the flavor of Zen through a temple stay or with the opportunity to practice traditional Zen-inspired arts such as a tea ceremony, calligraphy or flower arranging.

From Kyoto Station, the Taizou-in Temple can be reached via the JR Sagano Line followed by a short walk.

IMAGE VIA: osbock on flickr

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