Airplane Boneyards

aircraft-boneyard-1An airplane boneyard is a term used for storage areas where airplanes that are retired from service are kept. Airplanes that are stored in a boneyard can someday return to service or they are stripped of useful parts while everything else is turned into scrap metal. Most airplane boneyards are found in deserts which are good locations due to the dry conditions that reduce corrosion. Before an out-of-service airplane is parked in a boneyard, it is stripped of all electronics and wiring which are recycled and used as replacement parts for planes that are still in service or they are sold to other countries. Reconditioning older planes is usually cheaper than buying new ones. If an airplane is called back into active service, the plane is reconditioned and tested. The reconditioning process includes new avionics, electronics and painting. Two popular airplane boneyards in the U.S. are Mojave Airport in California and AMARC (US Air Force Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center) which is located on the grounds of Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.


IMAGES VIA: getdown, Divwerf and Jordan on flickr