Churchill – The Polar Bear Capital of the World

churchillLocated on the western shore of Hudson Bay in Canada’s Manitoba province, Churchill’s most famous residents are the polar bears. A “must see” for any wildlife enthusiasts, travelers are able to view these magnificent creatures up close from the comfort and safety of a purpose built Tundra Buggy. Over the years, Churchill has evolved from a fur trading center to a community driven by ecotourism.

Each year from October through early November, hundreds of polar bears move from the inland area to gather on the immense peninsula. Here they wait for the bay to freeze so that they can go hunt for ringed seals. During this time period, polar bears, usually the youngsters, will occasionally wander too close to town forcing local authorities to maintain a “polar bear jail” where bears are held after being tranquilized and then released back into the wild when the bay freezes over.

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  • Saw polar bears a few years ago in Churchill and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Went to a flyin lodge for a week called Churchill Wild and we did ground hiking and viewing. AMAZING stuff!

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