The Church of Bones – Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec-OssuaryLocated in Kutna Hora, a town in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic just a short train ride away from Prague, is the Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice Sedlec); also known as the Church of Bones. The small chapel was constructed in 1511 to house the bones from abolished graves and is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people. Many of the bones have been artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel.

Arranged by Frantisek Rint in 1870, highlights include an enormous chandelier which includes at least one of every bone in the human body and a crucifix style arrangement near the altar. Even Rint’s signature is executed in bone on the wall near the entrance. The largest collections of bones are arranged in the form of bells in the four corners of the chapel.

The chapel is open to the public and day tours are also available from Prague.


IMAGES VIA: Foilman, Mozo Man, *Rachel*A*, Foilman and *Rachel*A* on flickr

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