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viequesVieques is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico located six miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico. For over sixty years the island was closed off and used as a major U.S. naval base. As a result, the island remained undeveloped for tourism. Now its key attraction, the sleepy, unspoiled island with its deserted beaches, is rapidly becoming a popular destination. Much of the island is now part of the U.S. Park Service. The U.S. Park Service maintains the dirt roads that lead to isolated beaches with crystal-clear, blue water. Vieques is perhaps best known for Mosquito Bay, a pristine bio-luminescent bay filled with dinoflagellates (organisms that make the water glow) that is magical to swim in.

Mosquito Bay offers one of the most brilliant displays of micro-organisms that light up in a blue glow whenever there is movement in the water. Night swimming is a must as the glow around you when you move in the water is very cool. Glittery sparkles appear on your arms and chest as you float in the water as if you have little lights all over you. There are many boat tours and kayak trips around the bay which are very easy to arrange. There are also day and night excursions from the big island of Puerto Rico.

Visitors can fly to Vieques from San Juan or take the ferry from Fajardo which takes about an hour and a half and runs twice a day. Accommodation is limited, but there are a few hotels in Vieques.

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  • I can honestly say night diving in Mosquito Bay as a must is an understatment!!!!. We did a night dive there one time & it was & still remains one of the most memorable dives ever. Clear water, vibrant reefs, & moderate surf….what more can a diver ask for?

  • My wife and myself travel Vieques on out 38ft sailboat Moonbow in 2005, making sure we visited Ensanada Honda. This protected anchorage was a mile long and half mile wide we stayed a week and except for one one other boat we were along the whole time. We explored all the mangrove areas along the shore line, and walked the park roads to several smaller bays and beaches in the area. we also sailed into Sun Bay.
    Several months later while in Fajardo, we took the ferry into Isabel Segunda.
    We enjoyed the Island very much.
    In 1991 while returning from the Virgins to Mainland P.R. we has to check in with the Navy and keep a 5 mile NO SAIL zone around the bombing range.
    Many of the Protected areas on the east end of the island are covered in unexploded military ordnance. This will keep the tourist out forever. it’s where the wild things live.

  • We traveled to Vieques in June of 2008. Loved it. We stayed with At the Waves which is a beautiful beachfront rental unit complex located in Santa Maria Playa. Cook your own meals in the kitchen and save money. Or use the At The Waves poolside grill.

    If you visit some of the many remote beaches with your family, we recommend sending an adult scout first. We discovered a couple…”coupling”.

    The stage of the moon preempts the Bio Bay tours so check on that before you go. Great snorkeling! But look out for sea urchins on the beaches of Santa Maria Playa…

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