Idyllic Islands You May Not Have Heard Of

Vacationing on an idyllic island is a dream of so many people. It is the dream of going on holiday to a place charmingly simple and rustic where visitors can experience a serene and carefree lifestyle. Exotic islands are scattered all over the world and many of them offer beautiful memories of time spent swimming and relaxing while enjoying a Pina Colada or maybe a Mai Tai by the pool. A trip to any of these idyllic islands offers visitors true solitude which, ironically, is a thrill that lasts forever. Moments are so memorable that visitors long to chase that feeling for the rest of their traveling life. For many, moments captured on these islands will only be experienced once in their lifetime. Here are some of our favorite idyllic islands that you may not have heard of:


Reunion Island – Unknown to many of the world’s travelers, Reunion Island offers visitors an exhilarating blend of cultures that makes for an unforgettable travel experience. If you want to leave your fast paced and stressful everyday life behind and go to a far away destination that is lively yet very relaxing, Reunion Island is an interesting option. A French department, Reunion is situated on the western side of the Indian Ocean in the Mascarene archipelago about 100 kilometers west of Mauritius. From the adrenaline rush of the mountainous interior to the flat coastal areas where water sports are king, the island offers travelers a truly unique experience. Read the complete story…


Chumbe IslandChumbe Island Coral Park is a small, privately owned island in the Indian Ocean located between Zanzibar and the Tanzanian coast. Situated 8 kilometers southwest of Zanzibar, the island can be reached in 45 minutes by boat from the Mbweni Beach departure point. The island is run by the private nonprofit organization Chumbe Island Coral Park, Ltd. (CHICOP) which conducts marine research and education programs on the island. Income from visitors is re-invested into park management and the education programs that operate in the park. Read the complete story…


Huahine – With its lush forests, untamed landscape and quaint villages, Huahine is Polynesia at its best. A thirty minute flight from the island of Tahiti, Huahine is surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon and, at high tide, is divided into two islands: Huahine Nui to the north and Huahine Iti to the south. Huahine stands out among the Society Islands for its solitude and quietness more than for its abundance of long and beautiful white sandy beaches and beautiful bays. Although Huahine sees far fewer tourists than Moorea, Bora Bora or Tahiti, it is often considered a favorite of many travelers who have visited the area. Read the complete story…


Vanuatu – Vanuatu is a great spot for a stopover in the South Pacific en-route from the United States to Australia or New Zealand or vice versa. A traditional South Pacific island chain with gorgeous white beaches, crystal clear water and an easy, slow pace of life, Vanuatu is a true escape. A great way to soak up the culture is to spend a few nights in the capital city of Port Vila (on the island of Efate) where there are some cool cafes and local bars. Klems Hill Lookout on Efate provides a superb view over Mele Bay, Hideaway Island and Port Vila town. The beautiful Epule Village is an interesting spot to explore traditional customs and local life. Epule can be reached by a traditional outrigger canoe ride up the river where you can catch a glimpse of some other small villages and nice beaches along the way. Read the complete story…


ViequesVieques is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico located six miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico. For over sixty years, the island was closed off and used as a major U.S. naval base. As a result, the island remained undeveloped for tourism until somewhat recently. Now its key attraction, the sleepy, unspoiled island with its deserted beaches, is rapidly becoming a popular destination. Much of the island is now part of the U.S. Park Service. The U.S. Park Service maintains the dirt roads that lead to isolated beaches with crystal-clear, blue water. Vieques is perhaps best known for Mosquito Bay, a pristine bio-luminescent bay filled with dinoflagellates (organisms that make the water glow) that is magical to swim in. Read the complete story…

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  • I love these photos and the idea of exploring quiet, peaceful islands that are off the grid!

    Now you’ve got me daydreaming…. 🙂

    Kathryn @Travelfusion

  • Awesome photos of perfect islands. We had our own experience at an island in the Gulf of Chirique off the Pacific Coast of Panama. The island was called Gamez Island. You can’t vacation there, considering it’s extremely small, but you can take a boat and visit overnight from the mainland. It reminds me of these pictures, just absolutely stunning.

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