La Boqueria Market – A Feast for the Senses

La-Boqueria-316Barcelona’s most famous food market, La Boqueria is a covered market with hundreds of stalls devoted to nothing but food. La Boqueria is a place where visitors can easily spend an hour or two wandering around the market’s crowded, winding aisles filling up their memory card with photos. As you enter the market from La Rambla, the first few stalls appear to be set up to “wow” visitors with unblemished fruit arranged in spectacular pyramids and colorful arrangements of candy and sweets. The market is divided into different sections that include a stunning seafood section, several meat vendors, endless ham and sausage vendors, stalls overflowing with fruits and vegetables and much more. There are also a few tapas bars where visitors can sit and eat. Be aware of the prices if you are planning to buy something as, for the most part, it’s not cheap and there is no bargaining when it comes to prices.