Taiwan's Modern Toilet Restaurant

modern-toiletFor anyone eager to eat food off plates and bowls shaped like various types of toilets from around the world, there is the Modern Toilet Restaurant chain in Taiwan. In the beginning, they only sold chocolate ice cream which was served as a big pile in containers shaped like a toilet. This humorous spin quickly became a hit and, before long, they expanded from just ice cream into a full fledged theme restaurant with stores all over Taiwan. Though bathroom decor seems like a bizarre way to draw in diners, the further they seem to push the envelope with exaggerated and disgusting toilet humor, the more popular the restaurants become. Patrons are seated at a bathtub instead of a table which is surrounded by toilets instead of seats. Food comes in its own sizzling toilet bowl with a little poop on the side. Dessert of course is the ever popular chocolate ice cream served in a squatter toilet.

Eating at a Modern Toilet Restaurant is a very unique dining experience to say the least. Overall, it’s a very fun atmosphere with good food at great prices. For more information and restaurant locations, check out their website


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