The Queen's Bath in Kauai

queen's-bath-316The Queen’s bath in Princeville is one of Kauai’s favorite attractions. A quick hike past a waterfall leads down to a landscape of lava rock and on to the bath. A natural tide pool embedded in a shelf of rocky lava, the Queen’s bath has the notorious reputation of being one of the top drowning locations in Kauai. Approximately the size of large swimming pool, water spills over the lava rocks to refresh the pool.

The bath and its crystal clear water are a tempting summertime excursion for some. Many suggest that the Queen’s bath is safe when the waves are 3 feet high or less during the summer months. We would argue that the risk is simply too high at anytime of the year and advise against swimming or snorkeling in the Queen’s bath at all times. However, there’s no argument that the Queen’s bath is a beautiful place and worth a peak, especially from above.


IMAGES VIA: AZAdam and film_fatale on flickr

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