Biking in the French Countryside

You do not have to qualify for the Tour de France in order to get a breathtaking view of the picturesque French countryside. Bike the Loire Valley where bike paths are becoming all the rage for those who like to travel in the outdoors. With over 300 kilometers of trails, of which 30 kilometers are for cyclists only, biking is the most accessible way to tour this amazing region. Whether you are a beginner or a trained professional, the bicycle paths of the Loire Valley will accommodate you.

For the more experienced biker with a thirst for adventure and new sights, there is a wide selection of bike routes based on 70 kilometers of newly paved routes and 200 km of smaller, less-traveled roads. These itineraries allow cyclists to explore some of the Loire Valley’s hidden treasures and to steer away from the traditional tourist track. Pedal to the small village of Cellettes and see the 18 different chateaux or to the Solonge to take in the beauty of France’s lakes and wildlife.

For the directionally challenged, signs are set up along the paths so you can easily follow your itinerary. These signs also lead the way to parks, major attractions and bike sheds. With the construction of cycle “green paths,” cyclists ride on a smooth skid-free surface. These paths, which blend with nature’s true colors, are environment friendly. Just think of the fresh air blowing against your face, the lush countryside surrounding you and the sound of pedals on the bike trails of the Loire Valley region.

IMAGE VIA: Meg Zimbeck on flickr

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  • Biking the Loire region would be lovely though I’d be easily side tracked – so many great wineries in the area to visit.

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