Faces of the Azores – A Photo Essay

What really struck me about the Azores, as much as its beauty, were its people. The people in the Azores are, by and large, a very friendly and kind population who actually like Americans (especially from New England). I counted 60 plus pictures of people of whom I asked to take their photo. While I was there, I only got two no’s to this request. That’s right. One in 30 cheerfully allowed a complete stranger, a tourist, to take their photo. I do this a lot and, to me, this ratio is extraordinary. Travelers might go to a destination for the beaches, the mountains, the food, art or architecture. There are also some places we go for the people, such as the Azores. The people of the Azores are quintessentially small-town folks who are good natured and honest. Here are some faces from the Islands of Pico, Sao Miguel and Terciera.

IMAGES VIA: Jacob Odencrantz & Rich Whitaker

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