Solo Travel Reasons and Resources

Some people love to travel alone. Others are paralyzed by the thought. But just because those around you don’t have the money or desire to get out and explore the world doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s a fantastic way to go. Here are some reasons and resources.

Travel Alone – Where and How

There are lots of reasons to travel solo.

  • Independence. No need to compromise. As a solo traveler, you can do what interests you and you’re not dragged to do things that don’t.
  • Because you’re not talking with a travel companion, you are more likely to talk with locals and other travelers – a great learning experience.
  • Going solo raises curiosity, respect, concern, interest… from locals. They tend to go out of their way to enhance the solo traveler’s experience of their home town.
  • Finding time for reading, painting, thinking… is much easier when you travel alone.
  • Because it’s all up to you to navigate culture and logistics, solo travelers stretch themselves, develop new skills and often learn more.
  • A solo trip is inevitably more about the destination, culture, history… than your companion.
  • From all this, you discover yourself as you discover the world.

The Best of Solo Travel

There are hundreds of resource articles on the Solo Traveler blog. Here are a select few to get you started.

A solo traveler’s manifesto

To read more on why it’s great to travel solo, go to the Solo Traveler website. There’s lots of posts on the topic but to really delve into it sign up for the monthly newsletter and receive a free copy of Glad You’re Not Here: A solo traveler’s manifesto. It’s an argument in favour of solo travel at any stage of life.

Have fun. Stay safe. Travel solo.

Guest post by: Janice Waugh


One thought on “Solo Travel Reasons and Resources

  • One of the reasons I am going to marry my fiance is because she is one of the very, very few people I would prefer to travel with than travel solo. I love traveling by myself and I always have. My first serious travel experience was getting lost in Mexico for a couple months right out of High School. I’ve traveled solo across Europe, Asia and Oceania by myself and I love it.

    I love that woman of mine, but I rarely connect with people the way I used to when traveling by myself. I love the independence of the road, in fact, in a very real way to me, traveling is all about freedom. Is there any sense of liberty greater than traveling a road far, far from home? Being by yourself means no compromises except those inherit in traveling.

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