Horchata – The Unofficial Beverage of Valencia

Horchata is a sweet, cool summer drink made from tigernuts or chufas and is known as the unofficial beverage of Valencia, Spain. It is a nutritious vegetable juice that is high in starch, fat, sugar and vitamins. A few weeks ago, as I toured the city of Valencia on a scorching hot day, I stopped by the Horchateria El Siglo (in Plaza Santa Catalina just off Plaza de la Reina) to chill out and enjoy a glass. I was greeted with nothing but huge smiles as the gentleman behind the counter showed me the Horchata which was available as both the original white drink and as a slush. The fact that it was available in slush form was music to my ears on such a hot day and was most certainly my choice. According to my guide, Horchateria El Siglo has been serving up the cold, refreshing beverage since 1836 and offers the world’s best Horchata. On this hot and steamy day in Valencia, I agreed wholeheartedly.

2 thoughts on “Horchata – The Unofficial Beverage of Valencia

  • Wow,

    I’ve always loved Mexican Horchata, mean loved it,I mean the good stuff made with almonds, cinnamon, rice and cardamom, not the junk that comes out of vending machines in taco joints. I never realized that the Mexican and the Spanish versions are completely different it looks like.

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