Saranda and the Beautiful Albanian Riviera

Saranda is a southern city on the coast of the Ionian Sea, opposite Corfu, and is a good base for exploring this most beautiful part of the coast known as the Albanian Riviera. Not far from the hotels in Saranda lies the impressive ruins of Butrint. Nestling in the highlands in the far south of the country, ignored for many years, dense vegetation hid ancient masonry and buildings so effectively that a Roman Theatre and Baptistry have only recently been discovered. It’s easy to explore both Butrint and the Blue Eye Spring which looks exactly as the name suggests. The city center of Saranda has been scarred by communist architecture but, since the fall of communism, many small shops and bars have sprung up which give the city a very nice Mediterranean-like feel. For a list of Saranda hotels, please click here.

IMAGES VIA: the_MaGe, keepwaddling1, Valerie MM and Valerie MM on flickr