Cannstatter Volksfest – Germany’s Second Largest Beer Festival

Stuttgart Beer Festival Cannstatter Volksfest beerThe Stuttgart Beer Festival, or Cannstatter Volksfest, is an annual two-week festival that takes place from the end of September to the beginning of October in the area known as Cannstatter Wasen, near the river Neckar just outside Stuttgart. Attracting more than 5 million visitors every year the Stuttgart Beer Festival is second only, in terms of size, to Oktoberfest in Munich. The festival provides two weeks of fun with oompah bands in traditional costume as well as a variety of attractions ranging from booths selling food and other items to roller coasters, merry go rounds, roundabouts and other fairground rides. One of the largest attractions at the Cannstatter Volksfest is the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel which measures 60 meters in diameter.

This year’s festival begins on September 24th and runs through October 10th. The food stands, fixed tents and carousels are open between Sunday and Friday from 11am to 11pm. On Saturdays and days before bank holidays the festival is open until 11:30 pm.

Stuttgart Beer Festival Cannstatter Volksfest inside tentStuttgart Beer Festival Cannstatter Volksfest ferris wheelStuttgart Beer Festival Cannstatter Volksfest beer tent

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One thought on “Cannstatter Volksfest – Germany’s Second Largest Beer Festival

  • Who doesn’t love the Oktoberfest?
    But who has ever been there knows the hazzle of getting into one of the big tents, not mentioning finding a seat or even an entire table…
    So last year, my friends and I decided to follow the advice of a local friend and tried an alternative: “Das Wiesnzelt am Stiglmaierplatz”. Though it is not directly located at the Oktoberfest, it’s just a few minutes away. The tent is located in the historic Löwenbräukeller and offers genuine Wiesn-atmosphere without the usual closing time, all other tents are bound to. There was an awesome band playing, literally around the clock (not like in the tents, where they take more breaks than actually play music). And when we were all kind of fed up with the bavarian ratatata music and up to party, we didn’t even have to leave the place. In a seperate room upstairs is an After Party with hip DJ music and cool drinks. the best thing was that we could book our table online in advance, conveniently on their website at I already made my reservation for this year, as I am definetly coming back! Munich be aware:-)

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