Heladeria Lares – Exotic Ice Cream in Puerto Rico

heladeria lares puerto ricoLares is a small mountain municipality located in the central part of Puerto Rico’s western region. Adorned with Spanish style churches and small downtown stores, Lares is about an hour and a half drive from San Juan. The most popular spot in Lares is the ice cream shop that is located in the town square, just across the street from the church. Lares has become well known as the home of Haladeria Lares, an ice cream shop that is popular all around the world for their exotic array of over fifty different ice cream flavors. By exotic, I don’t mean tiramisu or passion fruit ice cream. I’m talking about flavors that you would have never imagined in your wildest dreams. Flavors like beer, cod liver, chicken, swordfish, rice and beans, garlic and many more. All the ice cream is homemade and the most popular selling flavor of ice cream at Heladeria Lares is corn.

heladeria lares puerto rico exotic ice cream flavors

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