The Best Vlaamse Frites in Amsterdam

The frite. The chip. The French fried potato. Call it whatever you’d like. Chances are that you love them. The potato is endemic to the Americas, coming to Europe via Spain. In Europe, one of the longest traditions of this internationally known treat can be found in the Netherlands. It’s been a while since I have been to Amsterdam and my recollections of parts of my time there are hazy. I do however remember having some of the most delicious, perfectly fried potatoes ever at a small joint located near the Dam. My cousin, now diligently studying in that city on the Amstel, set out in typical family foodie fashion to find the best Vlaamse fries that Amsterdam has to offer. It turns out, that the search for the very best is ongoing. There is one place he singled out, easy to find and close to the city center, that is guaranteed to offer the tasty experience of this treat. My cousin found that spot where the frites were so golden and crispy in my memory. Chipsy King. Chipsy King makes frites, frites and more frites which are served in paper cones. A variety of sauces are available and the fries are eaten with little forks, perfect for dragging the fries through Dutch mayo, curry or almost anything else you could want. Americans especially should try the Dutch mayonnaise. It’s unlike ours and it is delicious.

chipsy king frites amsterdam netherlands

IMAGE VIA: 1hr photo on flickr

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