Travel Photography Tips – Angles and Patterns

Photographing your subjects from unexpected angles is a simple way to add interest to a photo. Most of us tend to snap potential subjects from the standard eye level with a straight ahead point of view. One of the most effective ways to make your travel photos more interesting is to change the angle that you’re shooting from. Not only does changing the angle that you shoot from impact the feeling of your subject’s importance, but it can also have a real effect upon the light and shadows. The variety of perspectives that you can shoot images from is only limited by your imagination, so don’t be afraid to get down and get dirty.

azores lajes do pico whale watching

Straight Ahead Point of View

azores lajes do pico whale watching close up angle

Down and Dirty Close Up

Also, remember to look for patterns when using your camera. Fill your frame with natural or man made patterns. Patterns always add an element of intrigue to a photograph. Try to fill your screen with an entire pattern. A closeup of a box of crayons is one example or the windows of a New York skyscraper. You can also look for the interrupted pattern, such as a single bee passing by the geometric pattern of a broken beehive. You can even take those windows in the skyscraper I mentioned and include the single window with the face peering out.

azores pico island

Straight Ahead Point of View

azores pico lava rock

Extreme Closeup of the Rock Wall

Tips – Angles and Patterns

  • Look for unusual angles to lend more interest to your photographs.
  • For a usual subject, capture an unusual perspective which can mean the world of difference between boring and award winning.
  • Look for nature’s patterns. Nature is filled with patterns that lend tons of interest to a photo.
  • Practice searching for those patterns which are man made and also add interest to your frame.
  • For people pictures, move closer. Facial close-ups can show the dramatic lines of an older person or the soft skin of a baby.
  • Get down on the ground. Take your picture upward for a new perspective. This tip is especially nice when taking photos of children. Often we look down on children, but why not capture the world from their angle?
  • Alternatively, stand high and photograph looking downwards.
  • Avoid placing the horizon through middle of photo.
  • Use strong shapes, like a circle or triangle, to fill the photo frame.
  • Have a center of interest, but set it off-center in your frame.

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