Twitter Travel Favorites of the Week

This morning we sent out a tweet asking our followers to share their favorite travel related posts from the past week. After reading through all the responses, we picked a few of our favorites and gave them a thumbs up. Here are some of the best travel posts we saw from the past week:

@andrewghayes tweeted that he “loved the transparency of this piece.”

Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi Tubs and Other Tales From the Road from The Traveling Philosopher

@authenticcoast tweeted that their favorite post of the week was related to Nova Scotia… big shocker there. 😉

Luxury for a Self-Proclaimed Hobo in Guysborough, Nova Scotia from Candice Does The World

@jgabbott tweeted that since his favorite post was about Hub & Spoke Social Implementation, he may be a “SM geek.”

Gregg Tilston from Flight Centre talks Hub & Spoke Social Implementation, Best Travel Job Ever, & more from Hraba

@theplanetd tweeted that they love this post because “we’re going there, it’s honest, gr8 info and comments.”

Independent Travel Difficult in China without Speaking Chinese from Hole in the Donut

@IsabellesTravel tweeted that, as a beach lover, this post “makes me want to get away!”

10 Paradise Islands To See In Your Lifetime from the HotelClub Travel Blog

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