The Japan Centre – Seriously Cheap Eats in London

london england japan centre good cheap place to eat on a budget

During a recent trip to London, Andy from the 501 Places travel blog, introduced a group of travel bloggers, including myself, to what just might be one of the best meal deals in all of London at the Japan Centre.

Located at 14 – 16 Regent Street in London’s West End, the small store-front with random Japanese knickknacks in the front window could be easy to miss if you’re not careful. Offering a wide variety of Japanese specialties including sushi, noodles, teriyaki and much more, patrons simply pick from a wide range of options available in the refrigerator case, pay for it and then, if you’d like, they will heat it up for you. For those who wish to eat-in, there are two long tables found in the middle of the store. There are also groceries located in the rear of the building and a wide variety of Asian beers to choose from.

I chose the spicy udon noodles and a Singha beer (which is one of my favorites). While the food is very reasonably priced to begin with, everyday at 7 pm all the pre-made food is marked down 50% which makes it just ridiculously cheap. On the evening we stopped in, they had actually marked everything down at 6:30 pm which was great as we arrived at about 6:35 pm.

My good sized portion of spicy upon noodles and bottle of Singha set me back a mere 3.40 GPB. There is no question that, if I were to live in London, I would be a frequent customer at the Japan Centre.

IMAGE VIA: kattebelletje