The World’s Perfect “Cuppa Tea”

It’s official, the world’s perfect cup of tea is Earl Grey with milk, no sugar, best enjoyed while dunking a Digestive biscuit and reading a good book, says a VisitBritain survey.

It has long been clear that a nice cup of tea is Britain’s favorite hot drink. But VisitBritain has set out to discover whether the rest of the world shares their enthusiasm and, if so, how their international friends like to enjoy the refreshing beverage.

VisitBritain asked fans of their award winning Facebook page ‘’LoveUK’’ around the world five key questions about how they like to drink their tea. Did they prefer it with or without milk, with how many sugars, what did they like doing while enjoying it and perhaps most importantly what kind of biscuit they nibble as they sip?

Well over 1,200 tea-loving respondents from across the globe took part in our social media survey.

In celebration of the World’s Perfect Cup Of Tea, VisitBritain has declared Sunday 28th November “International A Nice Cup Of Tea Day”. An online event has been set up via its facebook page, Love UK, so everyone around the world can ‘attend’ and celebrate the glory of tea together. This Sunday, Love UK will become a ‘Virtual Tea Room’ where fans can post photos, videos, comments and a good old chinwag over a brew! Global guests can also follow and take part in Sunday’s tea celebrations as they unfold on Twitter using the hashtag #IntTeaDay and by tweeting to @VisitBritain.

There is also a fantastic range of advice on where you can enjoy tea across Britain on our award-winning website It lists the Top 10 Tea Rooms in Britain ranging from The Wolseley in London, Llangoed Hall in Wales up to The Balmoral in Edinburgh.

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  • Tea for cold days and the cold virus – I been having a few days recovering from this seasonal problem. To make it better brew up some fresh ginger finely chopped, about 5 minutes to extract the goodness and drink a cup laced with soya sauce. This will warm you up a treat I promise.

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