Loco Moco – A Hawaiian Breakfast Tradition

Probably the most distinctively local breakfast creation in Waikiki is the Loco Moco. It starts off with rice covered with grilled onions and a hamburger patty. The patty is then topped with fried eggs and mushroom gravy. It can be found in some form or another in most of Hawaii’s eateries. In my opinion, Lulu’s does it the best (though Eggs & Things is a close second)! You should be prepared for a 20-30 minute wait at Eggs & Things unless you are up walking, like I was, at 6am.

Variations on the dish can include bacon, ham, teriyaki beef or chicken, mahi-mahi and even Spam. People tried to tell us that Spam was the “real” Hawaiian treat. However, growing up in the 50s, my Mom served it once a week and I suspect that was because it was the least expensive item at the market. Though one of the people I was visiting Hawaii with did order it for breakfast one morning, I decided to pass.

A special thank you to my oldest traveling companion, my Dad, for this guest article. -Rich

IMAGE VIA: roboopy on flickr

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