Pico Vineyards & the Lava Trail – Azores

azores pico vineyards lava rocks fields

Upon arriving in the Azores and flying to the island of Pico, the first thing that caught my attention were the “currais.” These semi-circled stone walls built near the ocean to protect the vineyards among the maze of stone walls add a very unique aspect to the island’s landscape.

The Lava Trail is a six kilometer hike that runs through a UNESCO World Heritage Site characterized by the distinct shapes and forms of Pico’s lava fields. On the trail, hikers are surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see and get a sense of Pico’s heritage.

azores pico vineyards lava rocks currais

If laid end to end, the lava stones that combine to create the miles and miles of stone wall surrounding Pico’s vineyards would go around the world more than once.

azores pico vineyards Verdelho do Pico

The product of these grapevines is the famous wine known as ‘Verdelho do Pico’. This is a superb aperitif sold in nearly every shop and restaurant.

IMAGES VIA: Jacob Odencrantz

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