The Trulli Houses of Alberobello

trullihousesA small town in the Italian region of Puglia, Alberobello is famous for its unique and fairytale-like trulli houses. The trulli are very unusual houses and an example of a building technique that has survived from prehistoric times. Built by simply laying the stones on top of each other, without using mortar, they are characterized by their cylindrical roofs many of which are adorned with curious hex signs adding mystery to the already bewitching setting. The houses themselves all look quite similar with a few exceptions such as the two-story Trullo Sovrano. Some of the trulli are now used as stores, restaurants, and lodging.

Considered by many to be one big tourist trap with lots of souvenir shops, it is actually less accessible than Italy’s tourist-heavy west coast and I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s overrun by tourists. In fact, I believe most tourists who visit Alberobello are from Italy. Hotels in Alberobello are easy to come by and are relatively inexpensive.

IMAGE VIA: loloieg on flickr