Follow Us as We Explore the World of Genealogy Travel

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Beginning next Wednesday, you’ll be able to follow us as we, along with technologists and genealogists from around the world, explore the world of genealogy travel at RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah.

More and more families are traveling, and traveling extensively, to the places of their family’s origin in search of their “roots.” They are also seeking knowledge of the heritage and culture from which they descend. A major part of this type of travel is the effort put forth in conducting genealogical research beforehand allowing for fruitful trips to areas of personal genealogical significance. What’s really cool about RootsTech is that there will be a specific focus on the mobile technology that helps in creating, archiving and protecting content from these trips, making the process easier than ever.

During our stay, we’ll be tweeting about our findings from leading technologists and genealogists to both share and help discover new ideas in applying technology to genealogy travel courtesy of our hosts at FamilySearch. In addition to following our Twitter stream, you’ll be able to keep track of all the activity on Twitter by viewing the #RootsTech stream.

Throughout our stay, we’ll also blog about the overall experience in addition to things we find interesting along the way.

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