Panama Offers Free Medical Insurance to Tourists

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In 2011, Panama began a new program which reinforces that tourists are a top priority for the country. All tourists as well as Panamanians living abroad will receive medical insurance with top level coverage in case of emergency during the first thirty days of their stay.

This initiative become official on January 17th for all visitors arriving in Panama through Tocumen International Airport.

The process for this health insurance is very simple. Once the person arrives at the airport in Panama City, they must go to the tourist information center located in the area of immigration and they will be handed a brochure with all the necessary information, along with a user card. If the person requires medical attention, they will only need to present this card along with its passport at any health center.

The insurance policy will cover accidental death (up to $20,000 dollars), hospitalization and medical expenses for injuries due to accidents or in case of contracting a disease in Panama (up to $7,000 dollars), expenses for dental emergency (up to $ 2,000 dollars), administrative legal assistance by accident (up to $ 3,500), and lost or stolen documents, among others. The policy does not however cover incidents caused by negligence, related to alcohol and drugs, or those caused by extreme sports.

The insurance company, Assicurazioni Generali, is responsible for issuing the insurance policy, and their contract is valid with the country for the next two years.

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