Travel Safety Tips for Travelers

travel safety tips for travelers

As the world watched events in Egypt unfold and massive weather challenges in Australia, it’s easy to ask:  how do I keep safe when I travel?  Adventure travel company Intrepid Travel, which offers 1,000 itineraries and features all seven continents, offers tips, whether you’re headed for a weekend getaway or on a long-planned jaunt around the world:

  1. Purchase travel insurance “For a relatively small investment, travel insurance offers peace of mind and security in the event of unforeseen disruptions,” says Matt Berna, general manager of Intrepid Travel in the US.  Intrepid makes it mandatory that every traveler has medical insurance before they head off on vacation; and strongly recommends cancellation and baggage insurance as well.
  2. Check websites such as the US Dept. of State’s international travel information page ( before you travel to understand the situation on the ground. “Since we offer tours to over 120 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe, we are in constant communication with our staff on the ground as well,” says Berna.
  3. Get all appropriate medical vaccinations prior to departure.
  4. Respect local customs and dress appropriately to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
  5. Keep photocopies of all your documents and leave a detailed itinerary with family and friends.
  6. Take a first aid kit and remember to pack all prescription medications in your carry-on luggage.
  7. Learn a little of the local language – you never know when you might need it! Download a free language guide which will give you the basics in several international languages.
  8. Travel with a company that has expert knowledge of the destination. “Because we operate in countries all over the world, we have a very strong network of local and international contacts that know the ropes on the ground, and know how to move travelers to safer ground if necessary,” says Berna.

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