How the Internet Has Changed the Holiday Experience

iphone travel boarding pass

The internet is truly magical in that it not only makes it very easy to get information, but it brings everyone and everything closer together. Just take travel for example.

In the pre-internet era, travelers mainly relied on travel agents for cheap holiday deals. Some travel agents were able to add tremendous value and some, well, were not so adept. Finding a good travel agent was often hit or miss. Oftentimes, agents would limit choices for the consumer by not knowing all the available options or by being more apt to recommend only the travel options that would yield the highest commissions.  Nowadays, any traveler who is simply willing to take the time to surf around can find and compare the best travel options.

Thanks to mobile phones and devices, travelers not only have immediate access to travel related information, but they can also take that information with them or find new information while on the go. While international data plans can be expensive, a little advance planning with your service provider can make a big difference in easing this worry. Once the provider agreement is worked out, travelers can take full advantage of all that technology has to offer. Literally at their fingertips, travelers can access maps, find recommendations for the best places to eat and sleep, get advice from fellow travelers, have a personal translator on call, and check in for a flight.

Lastly, when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family on the road, the internet has not only made communication easier, but much cheaper. With a simple internet connection, a traveler who is half way around the world can conduct a voice and/or video call for free and send photographs in an instant. This all seems worlds away from the days of searching for pay phones with the collector edition calling cards and sending a multitude of postcards to recipients who would receive them days or weeks later.

Taking advantage of all the internet has to offer can certainly add great value to the overall travel experience. Though, personally, I still recommend sending the occasional postcard.

IMAGE VIA: hirotomo