5 thoughts on “Where is it Wednesday?

  • Uruguay
    Punta Del Este
    Playa Brava

    The Monument is called “El Monumento al Ahogado” which translates to “Monument to the Drowned”

    It has another name but holiday makers call it that Especially Argentines

  • Im from Argentina and I go every summer holidays to Punta del este.
    Thats call ¨Los Dedos¨ playa.. or at least thats how its known.
    Los dedos means Fingers…

    Punta del este is one of the best places to spend the summertime (form Dec to Feb) Many parties and nice girls!!


  • Punta del Este, Uruguay. Hombre emergiendo a la vida o “los dedos” de Irarrazabal.

  • This is quite a memorial and it speaks volume. How could you not want to stop and ponder all that has happened especially with everything that is going on in the world? This sculpture was actually created in only six days I believe by one of the youngest Chilean sculptors of his time, artist Mario Irarrázabal. I think he intended it to serve as a reminder to people to be cautious while swimming waters like La Barra. Aside from a bit of graffiti the had seems untouched! I love environmental art pieces like this that really force you to stop and look around because of it being out of place. I mean how often do we really take a good look around of our surroundings? Sometimes all you need is someone to place a monumental hand in your way to make you aware of where it is that you are.

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