Making the Most of Easter Travel

If you haven’t already realized ….it is Easter again. Can you believe it? Where have the past three or four months gone? The good thing is that Easter Sunday falls on the 24 April this year which means that if you are flying off somewhere nice, the chances of you getting a bit of sunshine are high. Even if you haven’t already booked flights to the sun or made arrangements…here are some things you can do to make sure you have a good Easter and take advantage of the time off.

Look for Last Minute Flights

You never know…..if you like the idea of getting away somewhere you have nothing to lose. You may still be in with a chance of finding cheap flights with some airlines, such as easyJet and British Airways. I would recommend you look for flights to lots of different destinations…..and if you find a bargain…don’t think, just book.

Hit the Road

If you have no luck finding flights, your next option is to travel somewhere nearby by car, bus or coach. Most people I know never get the chance to visit their own country…so why don’t you pack the car or check the bus timetables and visit somewhere in your homeland that you have always wanted to visit.

Visit Friends

If you don’t have much money for flights and accommodation you should consider going somewhere to visit a friend or relative and that way you have free accommodation. Alternatively, you could invite someone to stay with you and that way you can act as a tourist guide in your own country which is just as fun.

Start Planning Ahead

Okay…it is too late to travel now. But why don’t you prepare for next year by putting away a certain amount of money each month. Imagine if you save US$ 2 every day for a year. You will have more than enough money to travel abroad for Easter next year.

IMAGE VIA: Mykl Roventine